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Microvel® T is a textile composite material made of various different textile fibres, which are flexibly bound together in multiple functional layers. The highly absorbent textile ensures that after blow-drying the residual water is perfectly absorbed from the vehicle surface. This effect does not lessen in non-stop operation, meaning that vehicles can be dried without smearing even when the car wash is very busy.

The textile’s outer layer leads the moisture into the highly absorbent material core, which stores it up and continually discharges it into the atmosphere. Microvel® T can absorb up to 400% of its own weight in water.

Microvel® T’s surface is made up of fine fibres and has a velour-like form. When Microvel® T is used on rotating drying rollers the vehicle surface also gets polished and the deep sheen of the paint intensely fortified.

Microvel® T has a long service life, does not fray and is easy to clean.



Microvel® T drying textile colours

TCW provides Microvel® T drying textile in the following colours: emerald green, flame red, sapphire blue and now also in yellow. At you will find relevant colour charts and details of numerous options for fitting the textile to car wash rollers.


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