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Start Pipe-system Microvel® standard roof roller on TCW pipe system
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The TCW pipe system

TCW’s standard washing and drying rollers are ready to use tubular sections fitted with Microvel® textiles that simply need to be flanged onto the car wash structure. This pipe system only has to be bought once.

If necessary, it is possible to individually replace the segments susceptible to greatest wear and dirt or to purchase complete, ready-to-fit rollers equipped with new textile (replacement system). When supplying rollers as part of our replacement system, we deliver the new rollers and after they have been installed take back the old, no longer needed roller pipes.

Microvel® roof roller for washing and drying

The textile segments of Microvel® washing and drying roof rollers are additionally stabilised by integrated distancing strips. The resultant even, all-over contact with the paint surface creates an optimum washing and polishing effect. Damage to projecting vehicle parts is reduced and the use of protective sleeves on windscreen wipers is generally not necessary.


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