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Start Pipe-system The patented Microvel® disc roof roller for square pipes
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TCW has developed a new type of roof roller, which has been patented. The new development relates to a washing segment in the shape of a disc for horizontal, textile washing rollers (on a square pipe).


The actual washing segment is attached to a disc and designed in such a way that it is highly flexible rotating in either direction. For projecting and susceptible vehicle parts this means a particularly gentle wash and the reduction of any damage to a minimum, regardless of whether the car wash system is electric or hydraulic.


In order to achieve optimum washing results, the textile discs used are of differing diameters. Integrated between the textile discs are distancing elements, which are made of soft foam material and do not absorb water.


The textile used in roof rollers is the new Microvel® washing textile. It ensures a low level of noise during the washing process and optimum wash results.


Result: minimal occurrence of damage, very smooth running, low noise level, gleaming result


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